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Aerial View of Fish Balasting Activity
Balasting the fish
'man, I hope I remember how all this stuff goes together'
Setting up the barge
Our Accommodations aboard the SS Pain and Suffering
Home sweet barge
Dennis sends the fish on it's way, thinking 'maybe it will just stay down there this time...'
Launching the fish
Lifting the fish back up onto the barge for a little R&R
Using davit to lift fish onto barge after run
Wondering if they can talk Will into taking a turn - 'It's a big reel, and 2000 lb test line!'
Reeling in fiber after a run
Alex and John diligently watching Dennis performing actual work
Repairing the tail
Floating on the surface between runs
Alex, ever vigilent, watching over fish between runs
Tail closeup
Fish on deck, 3 Aces in background
After a run, before charging
Monarch of the Seas, manning battle stations
Monarch of the Seas
Alex picked off the guy at the machine gun with the rail gun
Coast Guard paying us a visit
John sighting in the bridge of the Evergreen
Launch down the channel
Fish, dry-end console and our quarry, the Manta mines
Test Hardware and (inert) Manta mines
3 Aces pre-engine replacement
3 Aces Heading for Berth

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