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Duck! Bridge and ribbon leading into camp
Paul Newman near the Ribbon
Paul Newman et. al. waiting for ribbon cutting
Paul Newman again at the ribbon
Bruce Willis and Paul Newman
Bruce and Paul
(We're on first-name basis now)
Page Adler welcome speech
Page Adler Giving Welcome Speech
Paul Newman Giving Dedication Day Speech
Paul Newman Giving Dedication Day Speech
Joshua Bell Playing Violin
Joshua Bell
Lou Adler, Paul Newman, Bruce Willis, Page Adler
Lou Adler, Paul Newman
Bruce Willis, Page Adler
Paul Newman
Paul Newman
Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah
Crossing Duck! Bridge and Entering the Camp, Gym in Background
Entering the camp over Duck! Bridge
Shooting Hoops in the Gym
Shooting Hoops in the Gym
Laker Logo on the Gym Floor
Go Lakers
Patsy in the Dorm
One of the 12 (soon to be 16)
Dorm Rooms
Outside one of the dorms
Outside one of the dorms
Ralph with volunteer/counselor
Ralph with Counselor
Big Outdoor Chess Set
Outdoor Chess
Paul Reiser and Auctioneer Jeff Stokes at lunch
Paul Reiser and Jeff Stokes
Auctioning off a tennis lesson
from Pete Samprass
Paul Reiser work the crowd at the auction
Paul Reiser Working the Crowd
Jamia Simone Nash singing at lunch
Jamia Simone Nash
Camp Entrance
Pool shaped like Shamu with ramp for wheelchairs
Shamu Shaped Swimming Pool
Shamu Pool from Outisde the fence
Shamu Pool from Outside the Fence
Burros near the Stables
Burros near the Stable
Wildflowers near Shamu
Renee Olstead Singing Jazz
Renee Olstead Singing
Savion Glover Tapping
Savion Glover
SugarRay with his band
Jack Nicholson
Fish Chair
Patsy relaxing in Fish Chair

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